Working Out to Become Happier

There’s plenty of information around about the physical benefits of exercise, but did you know that working out can also improve your mood and happiness?

How Does Working Out Make You Happier?

When you exert yourself, your brain makes chemicals called endorphins that give you an instant good feeling. This is because exercise places a certain amount of stress on your body, and your body releases endorphins to balance it out.Working out can also make you feel good in the longer term. First of all, a workout plan gives you goals to work towards do you want to be able to run a mile in five minutes? Do you want to improve your coordination? Achieving your workout goals feels great. Working out can also help you meet people, change up your routine and learn more about yourself.

How Do You Choose the Right Workout?

Everyone is different, so it’s very important to choose the workout that suits you best (and make sure you’ve cleared anything new you try with your doctor). Plenty of people give up on exercise because they think it has to be difficult and painful, but once you find the right thing, exercising will feel more like play than work.If you want to feel strong and powerful, try something like weight training or rowing. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk and you want to get outdoors more, try walking, running or cycling. If you love music, try dancing, synchronised swimming or ice skating. If you like working out with others, try joining a sports team.Whatever you try, start small and work up gradually, and you’ll soon see an impact on your mood and happiness.