Safer Ways to Pay Online – Using Your Money in a Healthy and Safe Way When Shopping or Playing Online

Being that we live in a tech-driven world, digital payments have been on the rise. They are fast, convenient, not to mention, most online services and products come at a higher discounted price. Given how common security breaches have become, people are constantly looking for ways to stay safe when paying online, especially when it comes to online gambling. Some of the safer ways to pay online include:

Prepaid Credit Cards

A prepaid credit card requires you to load it with certain amounts of cash, after which it functions as a regular debit card. It can’t be traced back to you, plus, since they aren’t linked to your bank, any form of theft won’t drain your checking account.

Online Payment Services

As opposed to providing your bank account and credit card information to every website, you can keep all the information in one central place using third-party payment services. This reduces the number of places hackers can access your information, especially if you do business with numerous sites, including online stores, casinos, etc. There are plenty reputable online payment services such as PayPal, Google wallet, Payoneer, Amazon Pay, and Stripe. Most of these services offer buyer protection, making them just as safe as credit cards.

Mobile-payment Apps

Mobile-payment apps don’t require you to directly share credit card information with merchants. They work by creating a one-time digital token for each transaction. The unique token is only used once, which means that even if a hacker is able to monitor your transaction and steal the token, they can’t use it to drain your entire account.


The very nature of blockchain technology is to safeguard information. It not only decrypts data, which protects your information from cybercriminals, but it’s also a decentralized system, which means, no third party is involved. This makes using Cryptocurrencies a safe way to pay online. The only downside is that, so far, they are not widely acceptable.