Healthy Habits – How to Change

When you’re busy with work, family and other commitments, it’s easy to neglect your health, and developing healthy habits can feel daunting. Here are a few tips to make a change:1) Don’t try to change everything at once. If you start every January by deciding to eat better, drink less and exercise more, and slip back into your old ways by February, you’re not alone. Making lifestyle changes is difficult, and if you do too much at once you’re setting yourself up to fail. Choose one area to focus on each month, get good habits established, then focus on something else the next month.2) Don’t try to stop bad habits try to start good ones. It’s discouraging to feel like you’re always punishing yourself. See if you can frame your attempts positively instead of negatively. If you want to eat better, congratulate yourself when you eat more vegetables, instead of beating yourself up when you eat candy. If you’d like to stop smoking, see how long you can go without a cigarette. If you crack, just start the counter again and try to beat your record.3) Don’t hold yourself to impossible standards. The point of good habits is that you should be able to incorporate them into your lifestyle to feel better overall. If you’re juggling work and kids, it might be unrealistic to work out every single morning for an hour, and failing will just make you feel bad. A ten-minute workout might seem less impressive, but it’s much easier to maintain, and long-term healthy habits are much more important than occasional bursts of activity.